Saturday, August 16, 2014

Office sublease in Bethesda Spa for Massage - Full Time

Healing Space for Massage Therapist

Natural Light

There are two amazing rooms to choose from. A lovely 11x14" room without a window and a slightly smaller one that has good light and a nice window. Available for someone to use full time at the Lavender Gypsy Spa in downtown Bethesda. It's literally one block away from the Bethesda Metro and is a large quiet, peaceful room. If you are a licensed massage therapist, or in the healing arts (let me know what you do) and are looking for an amazing inviting space for your practice than this is it.

Nice waiting room and you manage your own business. The susblease is very reasonable and much lower what regular sq ft costs are around here. Feel free to call me, I'm the owner, my name is Shannon and I'd love to set up a viewing and chat with you.

Thank you and enjoy this lovely day. Be present!

Contact me @  Thank you.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to water an orchid

Alright, so I have woefully remiss in keeping up on this blog. There is more to life than facials, so I am making this a place of ideas, not just optimizing my site with keywords. Yes, you will see them there at the end, but isn't it more fun to create some optimistic thinking than doing the daily grind.

My orchid is blooming, again! This time it is a double shoot. I was thinking about how the orchid I just bought from a grocery store died after a month. A client and I were talking and I realized the problem. Orchids like to breathe and they don't like wet feet. Actually when you water, or when I water an orchid I usually wait until it is yelling at me, hey Shannon, don't let me die today. Then I get a nice big bowl of luke warm water (they don't like cold or hot) and make sure the whole pot is submerged. I usually have to set up a make shift thing with knives or something heavy on the edges to keep it down because the barkdust or wood likes to float. All good potted orchids are in wood. They naturally grown on cliffs of rock and bits of dirt so their air roots can breathe. I let is soak up the water for 20 to 30 minutes, they are slow drinkers.

You cannot see it too well from the picture, but there is a small green plastic container in the clay pot. I do not let the clay get wet to avoid mold. These blooms have been going for 3 weeks now and I expect them to shine for me for another month at least. The one I had to throw away was so compressed in the plastic pot that it never drained properly and the mold grew and killed it. I suspect that most people have that problem. Also the plastic container was a good 2 inches lower than the clay pot it came in at that gives a dark place for mold. So I recommend, room to stretch, a good dunk once in a while, and no wet feet and your orchids will reward you with love and blooms to cherish. Yes, I forgot, a sunny, light filled place to call home.

Lavender Gypsy is a Bethesda day spa that offers organic facials that correct sun spots and rough, dehydrated skin. Visit us today for a luxurious facial that keeps your skin looking young and beautiful, just like you.

Love your day.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to clear up your complexion

Drink two to three liters of pure water a day. It's worth the extra trip to the bathroom! Water is vital for keeping your system clean and your complexion clear. It helps with detoxification and assists bile acids in flushing out toxins. Add some real lemon juice to it.

Organs are often burdened with trying to purify our daily toxic load, often, as a last resort, your body will use your skin (the largest organ in your body) to help get rid of unwanted toxins. The results can be fine bumpy congestion felt on your face or even worse, inflammatory acne.

Who wants that? No one.

And what can I do to avoid it? Simple~To clear up your complexion try to drink as much fresh water as you can and add real lemon juice. It supports your liver and keeps your complexion smooth and clearer. You will feel and look better for it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Spa in Bethesda

Name:  Lavender Gypsy spa in Bethesda, Maryland

Type of Spa:  Organic Luxury Spa

The Setting at Lavender Gypsy Spa:  This is a luxury spa in Bethesda that has it all: a gorgeous holistic-inspired spa and beautiful inviting rooms in a welcoming setting. Great shopping is just a ramble away in the eye catching Bethesda row.

The Spa in Bethesda:  Lavender Gypsy is it's own paradise -- a small wellness center in the heart of Bethesda is welcoming and intimate. You will receive one on one attention and care at this relaxing style older home, converted to a healing center. Decorated in relaxing earth tones with no shortage of free parking available by the front door. Enjoy a hot cup of tea and the caring atmosphere our experienced therapists provide. After your treatment, feel free to linger in the waiting room for a peaceful moment of transition. Right down the road are Bethesda shops for a little retail therapy or just a nice walk around.

Signature Treatments at Lavender Gypsy:  The Signature Revitalizing Facial ($115) is a full hour and a half extravaganza. This pampering facial starts with a skin care analysis so that your facial is truly customized to your unique skin care needs. Then a comforting cleansing and exfoliation is followed by a luxurious massage, extractions, masks and moisturizers applied at a deliciously relaxed pace. Wonderful! Ambiance music helps you relax, so will the paraffin hand dip or essential oil footbath. Your choice of one is complementary per facial treatment.

Rates:  Check the website:

What's special at this spa:  The spa itself is unusually welcoming and peaceful, and I was impressed with the quality of the therapists. I also liked the fact that you aren't rushed through your treatment, they really take time to spoil you during the service and later you are not rushed out the door. A great experience at this spa in Bethesda and all of the products used are organic to boot!

Bottom Line:  This spa is for you if you want a tasteful, quiet spa with great treatments and extra pampering.

Contact Info:  Lavender Gypsy Facials, 4641 Montgomery Ave Suite 512 Bethesda, Maryland  20814
Phone: 301-789-5525

Monday, February 6, 2012

Soothe Hand Arthritis

A client was telling me about her hand joint pain and the daily arthritis she has to endure. I am a purist at heart and am always looking for natural ways to help myself and others manage body irritations and issues we may have.

At the begining of a facial treatment at Lavender Gypsy Bethesda Spa a paraffin hand dip is something offered complementary. After the paraffin dip, your hands are gently wrapped in plastic to allow the heat to soothe hand arthritis or just moisturize dry skin. Near the end of your facial, the wax will be removed for a wonderful hand and arm massage. The moist heat therapy of a paraffin hand dip can help alleviate pain, stiffness, and dry skin. Paraffin therapy is one of the most effective methods of applying deep heat in a fast-acting, drug free way.

I hope you enjoy this therapy and also think about great anti-inflammatory things you can do with your diet. Ginger tea and tumeric spice are great ways to start. As always I treat my clients like family, they are dear to me. Take good care of your one and only body and I will see you soon.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Heal Chapped Lips

How to Heal Chapped Lips

It may be more common to suffer from dry lips in the Winter, however it isn't just the cold and wind that poses a problem. For many people, dry lips are a year long reality.

All areas of the body can become dry on occasion, but the lips are particularly vulnerable because, unlike other areas of the skin, they do not have oil and sweat glands to keep things moist. This creates a problem when protective moisture is lacking.

An artificial environment is one of the causes. Going from a cold and windy outside, to an over-heated indoor environment can leave us stripped of our barrier function.

Some things you can do to Heal Chapped Lips:

Drinking more water can prevent dry lips in the first place. Many times lips are dry and cracked due to dehydration so reach for that glass of water. If you’re not a fan of plain water, you can add some fruit juice or a bit of lemon to make it more appealing.

Exfoliate your lips gentle with your facial scrub a couple of times a week. (Avoid using your toothbrush for this because of the germ factor.) Afterwards apply a lip balm.

Use a lip balm rich in emollients that will provide a protective barrier to keep your lips soft, hydrated and protected.

Try Jurlique Love Balm. It protects against moisture loss and provides antioxidant protection.

Olive oil, Safflower seed oil and Beeswax keeps the skin soft supple and nourished. 
Vitamin E and Soybean Oil help to protect skin from dehydration and offer antioxidant protection. Bisabolol helps to soothe skin and reduce redness from irritation.

Loving and healing facials available at Lavender Gypsy DC spa.

Friday, January 13, 2012

How to exfoliate

How to Exfoliate with Jurlique daily exfoliation cream

1. Cleanse your skin with your favorite facial wash, leave your skin moist.

2. Apply a generous amount of exfoliator to wet hands and form a smooth paste. Apply paste to the face in a press-release motion, avoiding the eye area. Using a soft touch, gently massage your skin with your fingertips in a circular motion, always moving in an upward direction.

3. Continue for around 30-60 seconds, then rinse well with warm water and pat skin dry.

4. Spray your herbal toner mist. Choose from lemon-lime, lavender, rose or chamomile.

5. Apply the appropriate moisturizer. A rich cream if you have dry skin. A lighter moisturizer if you have combo or oily skin.

Seeing is believing

You should see an immediate increase in the aliveness and glow of your skin. It will look softer, smoother and help wrinkles to appear less deep. Your skin may have a slight flush for a few minutes, this is the blood coming to the surface; the redness should quickly go away.

After Exfoliating

If your skin is oily, then you probably should apply a lightweight moisturizer without oils. If you have dry skin, then this is the perfect time to moisturize with a cream that is high in emollients, rich.

How often to exfoliate

If your skin is rough and uneven, you could exfoliate every day for the first 5 days. Then, two to three times a week is optimal. The Jurlique daily exfoliation cream is actually gentle enough to use every day on the most sensitive skins. It leaves a protective moisture layer on your skin that is very healing.

Trust in yourself

Carefully examine your skin. Does is look radiant and dewy fresh so you could go without or apply less makeup? Or does is look dull and flaky, coarse. This is a good sign that you need to exfoliate more right away. Also, your moisture probably isn’t getting to those underlying layers that it needs to hydrate and protect your skin properly. It might be sitting on top of dead skin, so exfoliation helps with effective moisturizing, which is especially important during the Winter months.

At what age should I start exfoliating? 

Most Dermatologists say we should start exfoliating in our twenties, as soon as the buildup of dead skin cells begins. Regularly exfoliation, is simply one of the best things you can do for your complexion.

Dealing with Sensitive Skin

If you have thin or sensitive skin, start by testing a small area on your cheek. Be gentle. If all is well, continue with the rest of your face. If you have trouble, try again with a milder scrub.

When NOT to exfoliate

Please do not exfoliate sunburned skin. Wait for it to heal. 

Benefits of exfoliation

-       Removes dead, dull surface cells
-       Stimulates collage and elastin production (Think firmness and tone)
-       Clears pores of dirt and debris
-       Reduces Acne eruptions
-       Leaves skin with a healthy, beautiful glow